During my trip I have had amazing experiences volunteering with animals. My first was one was at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo and my first stop on my trip. The centre rescues and rehabilitates orphaned orangutans and gets them ready to start their new lives back in the jungle where they belong. Living in the jungle for two months and working with these beautiful animals was the best thing I have ever done and I would recommend it to everyone! You can read all about my time at Sepilok here
Sepilok collage
Next up I traveled to Australia and went to stay on a farm sanctuary in Dayboro, Queensland for a month. This amazing vegan farm rescues animals that were victims of the meat and dairy industry. The majority of these animals have been mistreated and needed to learn how to trust people again. It was lovely to live on a farm for a month and be surrounded by such beautiful, gentle animals and to learn all about their rescue stories. You can read about my time at the farm here
FAR collage
I then headed onto Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary near Lismore to help out, this is also a vegan farm sanctuary that has rescued animals from slaughter or animals that were destined for the meat and dairy industry. I loved my stay here and actually ended up staying longer than intended because I got stuck in a natural disaster which you can read about here and you can read all about this amazing farm here
Sugarshine Collage