‘Marvel Creating the Cinematic Universe’ exhibition at the GOMA Brisbane

Lucy’s last week in Brisbane was quickly coming to an end and we had packed alot into the week so far. We had seen that the GOMA was having an exhibition all about the Marvel superhero films and we were really interested in seeing it, luckily for us it started two days before Lucy was leaving!
The exhibition was filled with original sketches, comic books, costumes, props, behind the scene videos and lots more – it was jam packed and we absolutely loved it!
The first room was full of props and costumes from The Avengers…
The next room was dedicated to Captain American, complete with the American flag, war memorabilia and a motorcycle.
The next room was for our favourites, Starlord himself and The Guardians of the Galaxy!
The next room was incredible, it was Thor’s room. The set was HUGE and very gold!
The last little bit of the exhibition had a mixture of props and post production videos, they had really interesting videos about how they make the props, how they mix the soundtracks and how they use prosthetics in the films, this was probably my favourite room and it was great to see all the work that goes into making the films!
I would highly recommend this exhibition to any Marvel film lovers, there was so much to see and it was great to see the props and costumes up close.
For more into about the exhibition and to buy tickets visit https://www.qagoma.qld.gov.au/whats-on/exhibitions/Marvel-creating-the-cinematic-universe – the exhibition runs until 3rd September 2017 so don’t miss out!

Pigs, bike rides and waterfalls – just another week exploring Brisbane

Our third week in Brisbane was a varied as the previous week, we wanted to make full use of still having the car and also wanted to do as many fun and exciting things as we could (…whilst not spending a tonne of money!)
Sunday – We went to Farm Animal Rescue in Dayboro, I’d volunteered at this farm for a month in January and I wanted to take Lucy to meet all the gorgeous animals that live there. You can read about my stay on the farm here. It was great to go back and see all the animals that I cared for and to see my favourite piggies again! (I love those guys!)
Monday – We didn’t have plans but the weather was nice and we wanted to do something ‘outdoor-sy’. We did a bit of googling and decided to drive to Mount Cootha Nature Reserve and have a walk around. The sun was shining and it was lovely to walk in the forest, listening to the birds. We walked up to the Mount Cootha lookout and was treated to a glorious view of the city!
Tuesday – The sun was shining again so we decided to head to the beach at Burleigh Heads, there was also a vegan cafe that we wanted to check out too! We got down there about midday, the beach there is beautiful so we headed there first. We then went to Serabar where I had the best acai bowl. We decided to leave the beach when the sun had gone down and the temperature dropped considerably!
Wednesday – was pretty much a right off! We sunbathed in the garden, got attacked by ants and listened to our favourite podcast, S-Town. It’s by the same people who made Serial so if you liked that, give it a listen, it’s a weird story!
Thursday – We had a great day on Thursday, we got the bus into the city and rented out bikes and rode around the city. You can rent bikes for a whole day for just $2! It’s the same principle at the Boris bikes in London, as long as you return them every 30mins you won’t get charged more than your $2 fee. We rode from Eagle St up to New Farm Park and back to South Bank, it was great to be cycling around on a lovely sunny day.
Friday – we wanted another outdoors adventure day so we headed to Cedar Creek Falls which is an amazing waterfall. I’d been there on my first trip to Australia but hadn’t been back since. The views there are incredible and you know, who the hell doesn’t love a good waterfall?!
There honestly isn’t anything better than travelling with your best bud! We had another great week full with lots on random FREE stuff! It just goes to show that you can do so many amazing things even when you’re on a budget.

Exploring a deserted island, climbing a mountain and Koalas – what a week!

My brother Jake and his girlfriend were visiting the UK for a month which meant that me and Lucy had a car, which also meant we could explore on our own without taking the bus! (freedom!)
Monday – we kick started the week with a trip to Coochiemudlo Island . You can read my post all about the island here

Tuesday – I thought it would be a good idea to go to Surfers Paradise. I have been here a few times before on previous trips to Australia as it’s only about an hour from Jake’s house. I know people have mixed reviews about surfers, it’s very touristy and a bit tacky but as a tourist and someone who enjoys a bit of tack, I really like it! Plus the beach is gorgeous!
Fun fact – two years ago Jake and I walked out of the top of this building, right out on the grid at the top. It’s called the Q1 Skypoint walk and it was amazing! This time me and Lucy just went up, had a drink and enjoyed the views from the top.
We then headed to get some lunch, we stopped off at an amazing hotdog shop which sold vegan hotdogs, we each got one with all the trimmings! We then headed to the beach to catch the last bit of sun for the day.
Wednesday – we were both up for doing something a bit different so we climbed a mountain! as you do! We climbed Mount Ngungun which is one of the Glass House Mountains, I have climbed it before and I knew Lucy would love it because the views from the top are incredible!

After climbing the mountain we thought we better reward ourselves, you know for being healthy and all that, so we decided to go to a vegan dessert shop and stuff our faces with cake!
Thursday – We decided to have a bit of a chilled day, we got up a little later, tidied the house, had coffee then headed to Daisy Hill Koala park which is about 20 minutes from Jakes house. This place is great, they have a few resident Koalas there but also rescue Koalas from surroundings areas that are injured or need relocating, this amazing place is also free!
Friday – The weather was awful so we decided to have a cinema day. We both love going to the cinema and in Australia it’s so cheap, it’s amazing! We went and saw John wick 2 (which we both loved) we saw it the day of release, on a huge screen for under £4!
As always we had a really good week, the great thing about being based in Brisbane is that there is so many different things you can do day to day which don’t break the bank or that you have to travel far to do! Week 2 post coming shortly…

Discovering Coochiemudlo Island…(yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either!)

Lucy and I were planning our week ahead when Lucy suggested going to Coochiemudlo Island…I had never heard of it. Turns out, not alot of people have heard of it, even people who live in Brisbane! We drove to Victoria Point and caught the ferry across to the island, the ferry trip took 5 minutes and only cost $9 for a return!
When we arrived we could not believe that we were pretty much the only people there, there was the odd bloke fishing and we did see one dog walker but we were there the whole day and it felt like we had the island to ourselves!
The island has a population of 700 and it was crazy to think that people actually lived on this island, it seemed so peaceful and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which is only 30 mins away!
We put out our towels and laid on the beach all day, we read, listened to music and just relaxed and listened to the sound of the sea. It felt bizarre that we were the only people there, like we’d discovered a little hidden gem!
The sun began to set and the sky turned a beautiful pastel pink colour, it was amazing to see it change as the sun went down. We walked along the beach and back to the ferry at about 5pm, by this time the sky looked like it was on fire and we were treated to the most magnificent sunset!
I filmed our trip on my Gopro – you can watch the video below…

It was crazy getting the ferry back to Brisbane, it pulled up and lots of people got off, they all lived on the island and had returned from work, lots of schoolkids got off too – imagine having to catch the ferry to school because you live on a little island!
Coochiemudlo was a great little gem and I’m so happy that we visited it, I can’t believe more people don’t know of it, it’s beautiful and well worth a visit!

Exploring Brisbane – Walking Tour and Science Museum

After another glorious Greyhound bus journey, this time 16 hours (yay!) we arrived in Brisbane and although I’d been living there for a few months before I met up with Lucy, I thought it would be good to learn more about the city so we decided to take a free walking tour…
Honestly I can’t recommend these walking tours enough, obviously every one is different but it’s a great way to learn about a new city and a good way to get your bearings! After that we also decided to go to the Queensland Museum and check out the dinosaurs…
After checking out the dinosaurs we went upstairs where there was an exhibition full of native wildlife taxidermy, as a tourist it was good to see those animals but as an animal lover it made me sad to see them too, I had very mixed feelings about the exhibition.
There was also a ‘Discovery Centre’ upstairs in the museum that had taxidermy of snakes, spiders and insects, the centre also had a few live critters that you could see up close.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was also super excited because I asked a member of staff there if she could identify a beetle that I found in Sydney and after showing her a video of it she said it was a Tectocoris diophthalmus commonly known as the Cotton Harlequin Bug – here is a photo of the one I saw in Sydney!
Now this is a warning for any arachnophobs out there – the next photo is of a spider BUT she is so cute! She is a Wolf Spider and she has the cutest face, she lives at the Science Museum and you can watch her being fed and making her nest, the staff there are so passionate about the animals there and I spoke to a woman for ages about this spider, they put a male in there for her to breed with but…she ate him! Never the less, I think she’s really cute!
The Queensland Museum is a really great place to visit, there is loads to do there, they also have ever changing exhibitions on there all the time. Another great day spent in the city and everything we did was FREE! Only cost us our bus fare into the city – honestly when you’re arriving in a new city seek out as much free stuff as you can, there is loads of stuff out there!

Don’t know what to do with your day? …Climb a mountain!

A few weekends ago me and Jake were trying to think of what to do with our day, we wanted to do something that was cheap and outdoors because the weather was really nice.
‘We could climb Mount Ngungun?’ said Jake, after I’d stopped laughing at the name I decided it would be a great idea!
The mountain is about an hour from Jake’s house, it’s the sixth tallest of the Glass House Mountains and stands at 253 metres high.
glasshouses-1It only took us about 25 minutes to climb the mountain, it was a bit tough because it was so humid that day and it took us about half the time to come down because it’s so steep (we got overtaken on the way down by a man running down, huffing and puffing and looking very uncomfortable…have a day off mate!)

The climb was beautiful, lots of amazing views along the way.
Within no time at all Jake told me we were near the top, you couldn’t get a bearing for how high we were because the walk in lined with trees so you can’t really see out. I could not believe it when we reached the top. You have to climb over a few big rocks before you get to the top and I know it sounds super cheesy but when I got to the top and looked out, the view took my breath away. I had never seen something like that before and it was beautiful! You just look out for as far as you can see, the sun was shining and it was amazing!
Me and Jake sat down just looking out onto the amazing view, I didn’t want to rush being up there because the views was incredible (…and I wanted a rest and was putting off the walk back down!)
It was such a great day and amazing to do something different. When I see and do things like this it reminds me that I’m living in an amazing country with such natural beauty and that there is so much more of it explore!

Here is a video that I made of the climb

…A little update 

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and there isn’t any real reason for this, just the fact that I’ve been rubbish at documenting what I’ve been up to!

Here are a few little things that I’ve been doing –

Random nights playing Put Put (crazy golf to us non aussies!)

I also go into Brisbane City at least once a week, it’s nice to go to a city that has a calm vibe about it. There is a man-made beach that you can hang out at too, great places to eat, cinemas and lovely quiet spots along the river that you can sunbathe and draw in! -SPONTANEOUS TRIP TO SYDNEY-
I also went to Sydney for a week! I was staying with Charlotte, one of my oldest friends from home who is also travelling. It was a very spare of the moment thing but it was a great week! It was great to see a familiar face and lovely to catch up after 5 months apart.-BACK TO BRISBANE- and more Golf, this time on one of the hottest days!
-COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS- Watching the Christmas Show in the city one evening! It was so weird having the lead up to Christmas in a HOT country, it really didn’t feel like it was Christmas time at all! It was weird to be going into town to the watch the Christmas lights wearing a summer dress and flip flops!

We headed down to Byron on Christmas Eve to spend a few days down there. It was so lovely to spend it with a big group of people, everyone was so friendly and it was great to all be together…even if it did rain all day! Here is a little video from Christmas Day (sometimes is doesn’t play on phones but will play on the computer!)

Before we knew it, it was New Years Eve – to be honest we didn’t have any real plans but we ended up in the city and had a great night out! It was great to see in the new year in a new country and spend it with new friends!
...and that’s kind of been my last few weeks. I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly! It’s been great to see new sights, meet new people and see in the new year in a great country!

The new adventure – my first few days in Brisbane.

After three plane journeys back to back I was finally in Brisbane, I have never been happier to see Jake when he collected me from the airport, it’s been nearly two years since I saw him so I was super excited to see him, I hugged him and instantly burst into tears, I couldn’t believe I was finally in Australia, that and I was really, really tired!


For the first few days I just chilled out, it honestly felt like I was readjusting to being back in civilization! The noises from the road was deafening, so much so that for the first days I kept the windows and doors shut! It was weird suddenly being in such a built up area after living in the middle of the jungle for two months, the only noises I would hear there were birds or frogs (yep…one night I got woken up by frogs!)

Two days after I got here it was my 29th birthday! It seemed like it had come around stupidly quickly and I hadn’t really thought about it to be honest. In the UK the changes of the seasons get you acclimatised to certain times of the year…in the UK November is cold, dark and miserable – in Australia November is HOT, let me tell you that’s a bit weird to get your head around! On my birthday Jake woke me up so that we could have breakfast together before he headed to work, he also gave me my presents and I opened cards from home which had been posted to Jake’s house. I also had my lovely card from all my Sepilok family – there was definitely a theme with my cards and presents this year!
img_7069I decided to go into the city for my birthday so I hoped on the bus and was there in under 20 minutes. I bought myself a few bits, a new cruelty free shop had opened up in the city so I headed there and got chatting to the lovely woman who owns it. I also popped to LUSH so I could stock up on a few bits.
img_7118On the evening of my birthday me and Jake took the dogs for a nice walk in the forest opposite his house. Then we went out for dinner – Vegan Pizzas! YES PLEASE! We drove to a place about 10 minutes from Jake’s house and had the best pizzas, after eating rice and noodles for the last two months a big pizza was great!

I’ve also been exploring the surroundings near Jake’s house by going on dog walks. Jake’s housemate has two beautiful black labs who have been keeping me company during the past week! There is a big forest just opposite Jake’s house so I’ve been going there with them, it’s great to walk around, although I did get lost in there on the first day with the sun beating down on me, with no water and no idea which way to go…I had visions of the film 127 hours flashing through my brain, what happens if I get bitten by a snake?! I have no sim card in my phone! How long can you last without water?! Why is no one else in this forest?!….after about 20 minutes of panicking I figured out that I wasn’t going to die and managed to find out where I was…phew! No arm chopping for me!
img_7123img_7124img_7126img_7128Jake and I have also been going on bike rides in and around the city. One day we caught the bus into the city and picked up some bikes while we were there, they are the same as the Boris bikes in London and only cost us $2 for the day!


Catching the Citycat to collect the bikes

DCIM101GOPROGOPR2630.DCIM101GOPROGOPR2632.It was great to cycle in the city, it was so relaxing (even though it was 35 degrees out and I was paranoid I was going to get burnt!) we cycled along the river and it was great to take in all the sights.

The day after we cycled into the city from Jake’s house, this is when I saw one of the best sights I have ever seen – Jake getting attacked by a magpie whilst cycling through the park! The magpies over here swoop at you to protect their babies and you often see people with sticks etc stuck to their helmets to try and fend them off!
img_7129After the Magpie incident we cycled into the city, once again it was over 30 degrees but we had such a good time! It’s great cycling into the city, it’s all sectioned into cycle lanes so it’s a really easy ride. I haven’t been on a bike in years but we ended up doing over 10km that day!

My first few days in Brisbane were a bit of a shock to the system, going from ‘working’ 6 day weeks in Borneo, with a laid back lifestyle to being in the city, with the hustle and bustle that goes along with that was a bit strange at first but it’s been a great first few days. Going into the city is really nice and it’s great to walk around see new sights.I’m looking forward to exploring the city more and meeting new people along the way!