about me iconI was bored at work one day,  I had just come back from a six week trip visiting my brother in Australia and had some serious holiday blues. I was bored of my job, I was bored of the same everyday routine, I was just plain bored of life – I needed an adventure.

I’m a huge animal lover and always liked the idea of volunteering with animals charities in different countries around the world, bit of travel and cute animals – best of both worlds! After some googling I found an amazing project ‘Rehabilitating Orphaned Orangutans in Borneo’ – sounds perfect! I went home, researched a little more about it online and 4 days later I booked it! It was official, I would be leaving my job, my family and my friends to live in the jungle and become an Orangutan mother for two months! I also decided to head over to Australia after to spend some time living and exploring there too!

I started this blog as a way to document my travel adventure with family and friends and show them what I’ve been up to.