What does the beach, foxes and Wonder Woman all have in common?

Lucy and I were coming to the end of your time together gallivanting around Australia. Lucy had her flights booked and was going to be leaving me at the end of the week so we knew we had to make our last week together count!…so what does the beach, foxes and Wonder Woman all have in common? well they were all things that we saw in our last week together in Brisbane!
Saturday – this trip was a long time coming but we were finally heading to Byron Bay together. When I first went to Byron years ago I knew I’d love to go back with Lucy and have pestered her about it ever since. We drove down on Saturday and stayed till the Tuesday, it was great! The first day we checked into our hostel, walked along the beach and had breakfast at my favourite place ever – Bagus! We then went out for the evening which was really fun!
Sunday – we had breakfast on the roof of our hostel which was amazing. They serve coffee and really nice breakfasts and they had a great patio area where you can sit in the sun, it was great! We then just chilled, headed back to the beach and walked around. We also went for a drink that night and stumbled across an amazing busker.
Monday – we went to my favourite place on earth, Sugarshine Farm which is an hour away from Byron Bay. Sugarshine rescues animals that would have been destined for the meat and dairy industry, it’s run by amazing ladies who dedicate their whole lives to saving animals. I love it there!
Tuesday – we checked out of our hostel at 10am, had breakfast on the roof again and then decided to do the walk up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. The sun was shining so it was the perfect day for it! We saw whales and dolphins in the sea too which was really incredible!
Wednesday – we acted like complete slobs by making ourselves a feast of delicious food and watching films all day!IMG_9722IMG_9723
Thursday – we were super excited to go and see Wonder Woman and we loved it!
Friday – we were sticking with the superhero theme and went to the GOMA in the city and went to the ‘Marvel – creating the cinematic universe’ exhibition. I took lots of photos of this really great exhibition so I will do a seperate post about it!

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