Pigs, bike rides and waterfalls – just another week exploring Brisbane

Our third week in Brisbane was a varied as the previous week, we wanted to make full use of still having the car and also wanted to do as many fun and exciting things as we could (…whilst not spending a tonne of money!)
Sunday – We went to Farm Animal Rescue in Dayboro, I’d volunteered at this farm for a month in January and I wanted to take Lucy to meet all the gorgeous animals that live there. You can read about my stay on the farm here. It was great to go back and see all the animals that I cared for and to see my favourite piggies again! (I love those guys!)
Monday – We didn’t have plans but the weather was nice and we wanted to do something ‘outdoor-sy’. We did a bit of googling and decided to drive to Mount Cootha Nature Reserve and have a walk around. The sun was shining and it was lovely to walk in the forest, listening to the birds. We walked up to the Mount Cootha lookout and was treated to a glorious view of the city!
Tuesday – The sun was shining again so we decided to head to the beach at Burleigh Heads, there was also a vegan cafe that we wanted to check out too! We got down there about midday, the beach there is beautiful so we headed there first. We then went to Serabar where I had the best acai bowl. We decided to leave the beach when the sun had gone down and the temperature dropped considerably!
Wednesday – was pretty much a right off! We sunbathed in the garden, got attacked by ants and listened to our favourite podcast, S-Town. It’s by the same people who made Serial so if you liked that, give it a listen, it’s a weird story!
Thursday – We had a great day on Thursday, we got the bus into the city and rented out bikes and rode around the city. You can rent bikes for a whole day for just $2! It’s the same principle at the Boris bikes in London, as long as you return them every 30mins you won’t get charged more than your $2 fee. We rode from Eagle St up to New Farm Park and back to South Bank, it was great to be cycling around on a lovely sunny day.
Friday – we wanted another outdoors adventure day so we headed to Cedar Creek Falls which is an amazing waterfall. I’d been there on my first trip to Australia but hadn’t been back since. The views there are incredible and you know, who the hell doesn’t love a good waterfall?!
There honestly isn’t anything better than travelling with your best bud! We had another great week full with lots on random FREE stuff! It just goes to show that you can do so many amazing things even when you’re on a budget.

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