Exploring a deserted island, climbing a mountain and Koalas – what a week!

My brother Jake and his girlfriend were visiting the UK for a month which meant that me and Lucy had a car, which also meant we could explore on our own without taking the bus! (freedom!)
Monday – we kick started the week with a trip to Coochiemudlo Island . You can read my post all about the island here

Tuesday – I thought it would be a good idea to go to Surfers Paradise. I have been here a few times before on previous trips to Australia as it’s only about an hour from Jake’s house. I know people have mixed reviews about surfers, it’s very touristy and a bit tacky but as a tourist and someone who enjoys a bit of tack, I really like it! Plus the beach is gorgeous!
Fun fact – two years ago Jake and I walked out of the top of this building, right out on the grid at the top. It’s called the Q1 Skypoint walk and it was amazing! This time me and Lucy just went up, had a drink and enjoyed the views from the top.
We then headed to get some lunch, we stopped off at an amazing hotdog shop which sold vegan hotdogs, we each got one with all the trimmings! We then headed to the beach to catch the last bit of sun for the day.
Wednesday – we were both up for doing something a bit different so we climbed a mountain! as you do! We climbed Mount Ngungun which is one of the Glass House Mountains, I have climbed it before and I knew Lucy would love it because the views from the top are incredible!

After climbing the mountain we thought we better reward ourselves, you know for being healthy and all that, so we decided to go to a vegan dessert shop and stuff our faces with cake!
Thursday – We decided to have a bit of a chilled day, we got up a little later, tidied the house, had coffee then headed to Daisy Hill Koala park which is about 20 minutes from Jakes house. This place is great, they have a few resident Koalas there but also rescue Koalas from surroundings areas that are injured or need relocating, this amazing place is also free!
Friday – The weather was awful so we decided to have a cinema day. We both love going to the cinema and in Australia it’s so cheap, it’s amazing! We went and saw John wick 2 (which we both loved) we saw it the day of release, on a huge screen for under £4!
As always we had a really good week, the great thing about being based in Brisbane is that there is so many different things you can do day to day which don’t break the bank or that you have to travel far to do! Week 2 post coming shortly…

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