Exploring a deserted island, climbing a mountain and Koalas – what a week!

My brother Jake and his girlfriend were visiting the UK for a month which meant that me and Lucy had a car, which also meant we could explore on our own without taking the bus! (freedom!)
Monday – we kick started the week with a trip to Coochiemudlo Island . You can read my post all about the island here

Tuesday – I thought it would be a good idea to go to Surfers Paradise. I have been here a few times before on previous trips to Australia as it’s only about an hour from Jake’s house. I know people have mixed reviews about surfers, it’s very touristy and a bit tacky but as a tourist and someone who enjoys a bit of tack, I really like it! Plus the beach is gorgeous!
Fun fact – two years ago Jake and I walked out of the top of this building, right out on the grid at the top. It’s called the Q1 Skypoint walk and it was amazing! This time me and Lucy just went up, had a drink and enjoyed the views from the top.
We then headed to get some lunch, we stopped off at an amazing hotdog shop which sold vegan hotdogs, we each got one with all the trimmings! We then headed to the beach to catch the last bit of sun for the day.
Wednesday – we were both up for doing something a bit different so we climbed a mountain! as you do! We climbed Mount Ngungun which is one of the Glass House Mountains, I have climbed it before and I knew Lucy would love it because the views from the top are incredible!

After climbing the mountain we thought we better reward ourselves, you know for being healthy and all that, so we decided to go to a vegan dessert shop and stuff our faces with cake!
Thursday – We decided to have a bit of a chilled day, we got up a little later, tidied the house, had coffee then headed to Daisy Hill Koala park which is about 20 minutes from Jakes house. This place is great, they have a few resident Koalas there but also rescue Koalas from surroundings areas that are injured or need relocating, this amazing place is also free!
Friday – The weather was awful so we decided to have a cinema day. We both love going to the cinema and in Australia it’s so cheap, it’s amazing! We went and saw John wick 2 (which we both loved) we saw it the day of release, on a huge screen for under £4!
As always we had a really good week, the great thing about being based in Brisbane is that there is so many different things you can do day to day which don’t break the bank or that you have to travel far to do! Week 2 post coming shortly…

Discovering Coochiemudlo Island…(yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either!)

Lucy and I were planning our week ahead when Lucy suggested going to Coochiemudlo Island…I had never heard of it. Turns out, not alot of people have heard of it, even people who live in Brisbane! We drove to Victoria Point and caught the ferry across to the island, the ferry trip took 5 minutes and only cost $9 for a return!
When we arrived we could not believe that we were pretty much the only people there, there was the odd bloke fishing and we did see one dog walker but we were there the whole day and it felt like we had the island to ourselves!
The island has a population of 700 and it was crazy to think that people actually lived on this island, it seemed so peaceful and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which is only 30 mins away!
We put out our towels and laid on the beach all day, we read, listened to music and just relaxed and listened to the sound of the sea. It felt bizarre that we were the only people there, like we’d discovered a little hidden gem!
The sun began to set and the sky turned a beautiful pastel pink colour, it was amazing to see it change as the sun went down. We walked along the beach and back to the ferry at about 5pm, by this time the sky looked like it was on fire and we were treated to the most magnificent sunset!
I filmed our trip on my Gopro – you can watch the video below…

It was crazy getting the ferry back to Brisbane, it pulled up and lots of people got off, they all lived on the island and had returned from work, lots of schoolkids got off too – imagine having to catch the ferry to school because you live on a little island!
Coochiemudlo was a great little gem and I’m so happy that we visited it, I can’t believe more people don’t know of it, it’s beautiful and well worth a visit!

Exploring Brisbane – Walking Tour and Science Museum

After another glorious Greyhound bus journey, this time 16 hours (yay!) we arrived in Brisbane and although I’d been living there for a few months before I met up with Lucy, I thought it would be good to learn more about the city so we decided to take a free walking tour…
Honestly I can’t recommend these walking tours enough, obviously every one is different but it’s a great way to learn about a new city and a good way to get your bearings! After that we also decided to go to the Queensland Museum and check out the dinosaurs…
After checking out the dinosaurs we went upstairs where there was an exhibition full of native wildlife taxidermy, as a tourist it was good to see those animals but as an animal lover it made me sad to see them too, I had very mixed feelings about the exhibition.
There was also a ‘Discovery Centre’ upstairs in the museum that had taxidermy of snakes, spiders and insects, the centre also had a few live critters that you could see up close.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was also super excited because I asked a member of staff there if she could identify a beetle that I found in Sydney and after showing her a video of it she said it was a Tectocoris diophthalmus commonly known as the Cotton Harlequin Bug – here is a photo of the one I saw in Sydney!
Now this is a warning for any arachnophobs out there – the next photo is of a spider BUT she is so cute! She is a Wolf Spider and she has the cutest face, she lives at the Science Museum and you can watch her being fed and making her nest, the staff there are so passionate about the animals there and I spoke to a woman for ages about this spider, they put a male in there for her to breed with but…she ate him! Never the less, I think she’s really cute!
The Queensland Museum is a really great place to visit, there is loads to do there, they also have ever changing exhibitions on there all the time. Another great day spent in the city and everything we did was FREE! Only cost us our bus fare into the city – honestly when you’re arriving in a new city seek out as much free stuff as you can, there is loads of stuff out there!