Our last week in Melbourne featuring Luna Park – the weirdest amusement park…

After spending our first week in Melbourne Lucy and I embarked on a magical roadtrip across the Great Ocean Road (which I will blog about in a future post because it’s going to take me a million years to write, plus they’ll be a video)
We spent 6 days on the road and then returned to Melbourne, we were a bit reluctant to return to a city after visiting sleepy seaside towns along the Great Ocean Road but I have to admit that returning to Melbourne was great!

We decided to chill out a little more in the city and not put so much pressure on ourselves to see EVERY tourist attraction and we decided to get out the city for a bit too. Our first stop was St Kilda…
St Kilda isn’t your typical Australian beach, think more of an english seaside…BUT considering it’s only a 20 minute tram ride from the city center if was a nice place to spend the day. There were lots of skateboarders and cyclists along the boardwalk of the beach and luckily for us we picked a glorious day to visit!
Apart from the beach itself, St Kilda’s other big tourist attraction is Luna Park – an old, creepy amusement park. When you walk through the doors (giant mouth) of Luna Park you’re instantly struck by how weird it is. The staff all wear ‘old timey’ uniforms and the rides are shocking, weird old machines that look like they should have been shut down years ago!
The whole time I was walking around Luna Park I just kept thinking ‘do they get it?’ Like, do they know this is a thing?! If anyone has seen the film Adventureland, it reminded me of that!
I hate rides, ALL rides. Even teacups but Lucy wanted to go on a few. Turns out, nope, not gonna happen. The park literally has like 10 rides but they put them on at scheduled times so you have to pick certain ones depending on what time you get there. Lucy had her heart set on the biggest, scariest rides but instead was pointed in the direction of the kids dodgems…we quickly left.
We spent the rest of the day walking around St Kilda, we walked along the beach, went to the shops and had a lovely dinner in a great vegan restaurant. St Kilda is definitely worth a visit and I would say you can’t walk past Luna Park without having a peek inside!

The following days were spent in Fitzroy (you can read about my love for it in my previous post here) we also made friends and drank cider on the roof of our lovely hostel. Greenhouse Backpackers = 10/10!We explored the city a little more and checked out the state library which was really nice and such a peaceful place to visit. We also checked out more amazing street art around the city…
and went on a little tour of Captain Cook’s house which was good to see, if only for Lucy’s comment of  “it just looks like my Grandad’s house!”
Exploring a new city is always fun but it’s easy to get lost in the pressure of doing everything and ticking off every tourist attraction in your guide book, it’s nice to actually just find little treasures that are in and around the city and spend the day there. Returning to Melbourne was really nice and it made me appreciate the time we’d spent there but we both agreed we were happy to move on to somewhere new and that meant embarking on a 12 hour bus ride to Sydney… more on that later! (I’ll tell you now we weren’t as smiley as the creepy Luna Park guy!)

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