Think vegans just eat salad? Think again! A ‘Moo Free Burger’ review 

Being vegan it can be tricky to find good, honest ‘fast food’ style grub. Now don’t get me wrong I like a spinach and chickpea curry as much as the next vegan but sometimes I just fancy something a bit more ‘normal’….like a burger with all the trimmings!!

My prayers were well and truly answered when I recently took a visit to Moo Free Burgers which is in Northlakes, Queensland. I had wanted to check this place out for ages but it was an hours drive away but when I was staying on the farm in Dayboro it was only a short bus ride away! Prayers. Answered.
Myself and Mo, another volunteer from the farm were giddy with excitement when we got to Northlakes at 8.30am! We couldn’t possibly wait until lunchtime and told each other that ‘No, 10am wasn’t too early for a burger and chips!’We had the VBD and the Off Da Hook burger and they were both amazing! After taking a token Instagram worthy photo of our food we tucked in. The VBD burger was full to the brim with vegan bacon, caramelised onions and the mustard mayo was amazing! The Off Da Hook burger was my favourite, the Fishless Fillet was incredible and in a strange way bought back distant memories of the taste of McDonalds chicken nuggets! These burgers were incredible! As you can see from the following photo – I was excited. The resteraunt is run by a vegan company called Charlie’s, they also have fruit stalls, a vegan pantry, a juice bar and best of all a vegan desert shop. The guys at Charlie’s actually visited the farm while I was volunteering there and made a cute little video about it

They also have the farms charity pots on their counters too.  It’s always amazing when you discover a great vegan resteraunt and even better when you know the owners actually care about making a difference and take the time to acknowledge, support and work with animal charities, raising funds and spreading awareness!
Thank you Charlie’s for your amazing food but most importantly thank you for given a damn!

Info on Charlies and their different brands

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