Watching Conor Oberst at the Sydney Opera House- a dream come true.

On Monday I flew across the country to see Conor Oberst, my favourite person ever, perform at the Sydney Opera House and it was an amazing day and a complete dream come true! I’ve loved Conor Oberst ever since my Dad introduced me to his music when I was 17. His music has followed me through school, college, uni, work and now my travels. Conor’s new album ‘Ruminations’ was the soundtrack to my days working on the farm, shoveling poo is alot easier when you have great music to listen to!

While I was on my travels I saw that Conor was playing in London at the beginning of February and I was gutted that I wouldn’t be able to make the show because I’d be in Australia (…I know, I know, first world problems) My Dad and I have been going to see Conor and Bright Eyes together for the last 10 years and I was sad to have to sit this one out. Well imagine my surprise, a few months later, when I’m scrolling through Facebook and see that he’s playing a show…in Sydney…at the Opera House…at the same time my Dad is here on holiday! Before I had time to really think of the practical side of things, the tickets were booked (book now, worry about flights etc later)

Monday 27th February was the day of the gig and we flew to Sydney that morning, we were so excited, Dad has always wanted to go inside the Sydney Opera House so he was excited for that too!Our seats were seven rows from the front and the view was amazing, the sound was also the best I’ve ever heard at a gig, it was incredible. Just when I thought our luck couldn’t get any better I noticed two empty seats three rows from the front, slap bang in the middle, so in the interval we moved there – even better! 
It was such a special evening and such a great memory to share with my Dad and one of our best gigs that we’ve gone to together. There aren’t many people who I’d fly across the country for but I knew this would be a night to remember and one that I couldn’t miss!

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