Farm Animal Rescue – my home for the next month. 

One of my main aims while I’m in Australia is to volunteer at animal sanctuaries and tomorrow I’m off to my first one. It’s in Dayboro which is about an hour from Brisbane. 

When I was in Australia on a holiday in 2014 I visited the farm for the day and thought it was amazing. The farm is a vegan farm which takes in animals from the meat and dairy industry. Many of these animals have suffered years of abuse and so when they come to the farm they are very ill. The farm then nurses them back to health and the animals live the rest of their lives in peace and safety.

When I visited the farm in 2014 I was shown around but two volunteers, they were passing through Australia on their travels had been staying at the farm for a month. They both spoke so highly of their time there and it made me think that that’s something I’d like to do in the future. Fast forward to now and I leave tomorrow to stay there for a month! I remember thinking that I’d love to do something like this but I was worried about doing it on my own and meeting people etc but after living with 11 other strangers in Borneo and making some amazing friends I know it’ll be a great experience. Plus I get to live on a beautiful farm and look after animals everyday!

Here are some photos and a video from my recent visit there on one of their open days… they’ll be plenty of blog posts to come about my time on the farm!

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