Three days off: pool day, chilling and the Rainforest Discovery Center

Sunday 25th was the beginning of our three day break. A few of the group decided go away for the weekend, others spent a few nights at nearby hotels for a bit of luxury and the rest of us stayed at our guesthouse. We wanted to have a relaxing weekend so we decided to just do things that were free (bonus!) and close to home!

On Sunday we all enjoyed a little lie in, well as much as you can with the sounds of the jungle outside your window! We made our way down to the outdoor nursery to watch the juveniles being fed and mucking about. It’s good to be on the other side of the fence watching them in the viewing platform with the tourists, it’s good to hear everyone laughing and pointing out all the funny little things they are doing. After that we chilled out, caught up on washing our clothes (…hand washing clothes is SO BORING) and watched a few films.

On Monday we went to the outdoor nursery again in the morning to see our adopted orangutan children causing havoc once again! Then we decided on a pool day, it was so hot! And was great to sunbathe and have cool off in the pool.


On Tuesday I went to the Rainforest Discovery Center with Chloe and Hatti, my two roommates from the guesthouse. It’s just down the road from where we’re staying. I’d been there briefly on one of my treks but it was good to go and have a proper look round.


After crossing the bridge we made our way to the canopy walk. It’s a grated walk way that’s approx 27 metres above the ground. It’s great to be up high in the canopy, at the same height as the wildlife.


A great three days off!!

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