oh my…!

So I still can’t believe I’m writing this from the jungle of Borneo (sidenote – it’s after midnight here so apologies in advance if this makes no sense) The rain is hammering it down outside but with temperatures of 30+ it’s nice to get some relief from the humidity! So where do I start?!…

well we arrived at Sandakan airport at about midday and were picked up by Ronn who is our ‘go-to’ for this trip and made our way to the resort which was only about 25 minutes car journey from the airport, she had explained to us in the car that if we were quick at taking our bags up to our rooms when we got back to the house we might have enough time to catch the orangutans at the feeding station. The feeding station is a viewing platform that’s open to tourists that visit the centre, they feed the orangutans here twice a day. We were all beyond excited and threw our bags in the guesthouse (which is lovely by the way and much nicer than I expected!) and made our way down there!
As we started walking into the jungle I couldn’t get over the noise, it’s so loud with buzzing and screeching from the birds and insects. We walked down a wooden walk way and I just couldn’t believe where I was, it was so overwhelming and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The trees are so tall and the bases of some of them are as big as a small car!

As we arrived at the feeding platform I saw the trees rustling ahead me, I looked up to see two Orangutans swinging through the trees right in front of me! I could not believe my eyes, to see these animals in their natural habitat is so overwhelming, now you’ll not be surprised to hear that I cried! I was just so happy to be there and after waiting 19 months I was finally in Borneo watching Orangutans swinging through the jungle, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be seeing such a sight.


Our walk to the jungle



The feeding station (minus the Orangutans)

Now….quick mention about the heat. IT.IS.HUMID. While we were watching the Orangutans the sweat was pouring off of me and you are just breathing hot air, it’s a small price to pay though so I won’t complain.

After the feeding station we all came back to the house, chilled out and pretty much collapsed with exhaustion. We couldn’t believe the amazing day we’d had and how lucky we are to be staying here for two months!



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